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             DYNASTIES : New Kingdom (1570 - 1070 BC)

18th dynasty
Amenhotep I
Thutmose I
Thutmose II
Thutmose III
Amenhotep II
Thutmose IV
Amenhotep III Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) Neferneferuaten Tutankhamen
Ay ·
This family began a period of unprecedented success in international affairs for Egypt. There was a succession of extraordinary and able kings and queens who laid the foundations of a strong Egypt and bequeathed a prosperous economy to the kings of the 19th dynasty.

Ahmose expelled the Hyksos, followed by the conquest of Thutmose in the Near East and Africa. Queen Hatshepsut and Thutmose III made Egypt into an ancient super power. The magnificent Amenhotep III, began an artistic revolution. Akhenaton and Nefertiti started a religious revolution - the concept of one god. Finally there was Tutankhamen who is so famous in our modern age.
19th dynasty
Rameses I
Seti I
Rameses II
Sety II
The reign of Seti I looked for its model to the mid 18th dynasty and was a time of considerable prosperity. He restored countless monuments, and his temple at Abydos exhibits some of the finest carved wall reliefs.

His son Rameses II is the major figure of the dynasty.

Around this time the Hittites had become a dominant Asiatic power. An uneasy balance of power developed between the two kingdoms, which was punctuated by wars and treaties.

By now Egypt was an ethnically pluralistic society and this is reflected in a diversity of artistic expression. Unfortunately the tide of history was turning and Rameses son, Merenptah had to struggle to maintain the prestige of Egypt.
20th dynasty
Rameses III
Rameses IV
Rameses V
Rameses VI
Rameses VII
Rameses VIII
Rameses IX
Rameses X
Rameses XI
Setnakht ruled for only a few years but restored order after a period of chaos. His son Rameses III was the last great king. He gave Egypt a final moment of glory by defeating sea faring peoples who had completely destroyed the Hittite Empire and swept all before them on their march south. After Rameses III, Egypt began to suffer economic problems and a break down in the fabric of society. It was unable to exploit the revolution of the Iron Age and there followed a succession of kings all called Rameses. Perhaps this was a vain attempt to recapture past glories.
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