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Ras Mohammed

Dive into a world-famous paradise of coral reefs and tropical fish.

Ras Mohammed is Egypt's first marine national park. Established in 1989 and administered under the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency the marine park is located approximately 25mtr southwest of Sharm El-Sheikh.

It lies in the narrowest strip between the Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba, and is easily accessible by car or taxi. The park contains a variety of stunning geological features, such as uplifted coral reefs, alluvial plains, wadis, granite, sandstone mountains, and soft dunes.

Ras Mohammed is home to many terrestrial species including foxes, gazelles, reptiles, ibexes and migratory birds such as the White Stork. There are also magnificent mangrove trees that provide a valuable breeding area and habitat for both migrating and resident birds.



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