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There are many sandy beaches stretching from east to west: Ma'amura- Montazah- Mandara- Assafra- Miami - Sidi Bishr - San Stefano - Glymonopolou - Stanley - Rushdy - Sidi Gaber - Sporting - Ibrahimia and Shatby, all of which lie along the seafront boulevard, the Corniche.

On the western perimeter lie Al-Agami and Hannoville. All summer holiday areas are provided with tourist amenities, services and recreation facilities and hotels.

In spite of miles of white sandy beaches and azure sea, Egypt's Mediterranean is still undeveloped and relatively unpopulated There are fine beaches all along the coast from Alex to Mersa Matrouh, including the resort of Sidi Abd al Rahman, a secluded bay with clear waters and a selection of villas and hotels. At Mersa Matrouh itself, the natural bay and long white beach make for good sunbathing and swimming in calm transparent waters. Hired bicycles, carettas or open sided tuf-tuf buses will take you to other good bathing spots nearby including the outstanding beach at Al-Abyad and Ageebah cove, surrounded by beautiful scenery. As well as beaches there are other attractions in the Mersa Matrouh area: Cleopatra's Bath, a rock-hewn whirlpool bath off shore which was supposedly used by Anthony and Cleopatra, a ruined temple fort built by Ramses ll, an early Coptic chapel and "Rommel's Hideout", a cave where the general planned his military campaigns and which has now been turned into a military museum.

When the biting winter cold sets in, the shores of Egypt, stretching unpolluted for miles and miles, bask in the warmth of the sun that has deserted other shores to shine only here honouring, it seems, the ancient days when the sun was an Egyptian deity.

Despite the passage of the time, the sun still remains friendly to Egypt, and invites you to enjoy a winter warmth away from the bitter snowy cold, and a pleasant summer breeze far from the oppressive midday heat.

Egypt, a world renowed winter resort, has beautiful and numerous beaches. Its northern coast from Sallum to Rafah is 1181 km, long; its eastern coastline, from Suez to Halayeb, is some 1085 km long; while the shores on the Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba teem with the most exquisite beaches, spectacular coral reefs and large varieties of coloured fish, rarely found elsewhere.

Anyone who has seen but a part, must return many times, to feast his eyes and fill his heart with these attractive images that will forever remain stamped in his memory, as if one were viewing the most exquisite paintings on earth.

One of the calmest beaches, famous for fishing and its sea-food restaurants. The Corniche is lined with beaches, with full tourist facilities, form the city centre outwards. In town try the Stanely beach, further east otazah Beach and Ma'amoura are two of the best. At Abu Qir, a small fishing town, you can sunbathe, fish, swim and eat fresh seafood. To the west of the city, try the resorts of Agami or Hannoville.

About 127 km. west of Alexandria, and 162 km. before Matrouh, lies on a calm bay, about 25 km. west of Alamein. It is characterised by an excellent climate and clear transparent waters.



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