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West Bank -

The Tombs of the Valleys of the Kings and Queens
These are the two tombs, ordered by the kings and queens of the New Kingdom to be carved in the rock-faces of the valley so as to safeguard them against grave robbers. The tomb is composed of several rooms and corridors leading to the Burial Chamber.

The tombs are those of:
-Ramses lll
-Seti l
-Amenhotep ll
-Tuthmosis lll
-Ramses Vl

The Chief tomb of the Valley of the Queens is that of :
-Queen Nefertari, wife of Ramses ll.



The Tomb of Menna
Mena was a scribe of the fields of the Two Lands, during the reign of Tuthmosis lV.

The Tomb of Ramose

One of the state officials during the reign of Amenhotep lll and Akhnaten. The tomb contains inscriptions depicting Akhnaten and his wife, Nefertiti.

Tomb on the West Bank


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