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The Temple Of Kalabsha dates back to the Roman Emperor Octavius Augustus (30BC - 14AD), and is one of the largest sandstone temples in Nubia. It was moved to its present

location in 1970, together with other monuments from Nubia. The walls are covered with texts and inscriptions depicting Egyptian deities such as Isis and Osiris.


This rock-hewn temple is one of the five temples built by Ramses II in Nubia.

It comprises a courtyard, a hypostyle hall and a kiosk with multicoloured texts and inscriptions, as well as scenes of the King on the battlefield.


The Philae Temple was dismantled from its original home on Philae Island and reassembled on Agilika Island, in the wake of the High Dam.

Dedicated to the goddess Isis, this temple is found in a beautiful setting, which has been landscaped to match its original site. The various shrines and sanctuaries, which include a Temple of Hathor, a Birth House, and two Pylons, celebrate all the deities involved in the Isis and Osiris myth. The Sound and Light Show is a magical experience of floodlit buildings silhouetted against the volcanic rocks and water surrounding them.



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