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Modern Aswan


Built in 1902 AD, south of Aswan, this dam signaled the beginning of modern irrigation in Egypt.


This 20th century engineering miracle is one of the largest dams in the world, and was built to safeguard Egypt against thehigh Nile floods, which either destroyed large tracts of land or ran wastefully into the Mediterranean. The dam, 111 metres above sea level, is 3.600 metres long and 40 metres wide at the top.

Today the high dam provides irrigation and electricity for the whole of Egypt and together with the old Aswan Dam, 6kms downriver, offers wonderful views for visitors.

From the top of the High Dam, you can gaze across Lake Nasser, the huge reservoir created when the dam was built, at Kalabsha temple in the south, and the huge power station to the north.



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