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Wissa Wassef
Arts Center


Ramses Wissa Wassef
Architect, Potter, Designer and Teacher

In 1983 when the Aga Khan Architectural Award for the Wissa Wassef Centre was received, the project was commended:



"For the beauty of its execution, the high value of its objectives and the social impact of its activities, as well as its influences as an example… For its role as a center of art and life and for its endurance, its continuity and its promise."

David Queensbury, one time Dean of the Royal College of Art, visited Harrania in 1966. He was so impressed by the tapestries and the school that he arranged for an exhibition at the Royal College of Art. He wrote:

"I have called the exhibition: 'Harrania, The Anti-Art School' as I think this is the most accurate way of describing it. Some years ago Ramses Wissa Wassef became convinced that virtually all children were potential artists and that our educational system both at school and art school was responsible for stifling this innate creative faculty. He believed that in the past this faculty was not stifled by educations and that provided he could find suitable material this point could be proved again. The tapestries must speak for themselves and it is up to you to decide whether he has succeeded in making his point."



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