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Port Said (Bur Said)



Port Said is the fourth largest city in Egypt and and is the second most important port after Alexandria. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea, to the north of the Suez Canal.

Port Said was built in 1859 as part of the Suez Canal project, a shortcut for vessels coming from the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea, and also linking it to the Red sea and the Indian Ocean. Named after the Khedive Mohamed Said who reigned Egypt from 1854 to 1863, the city was built on the European 19th Century architecture style with high verandas and wooden balconies.

Port Said was caught in the middle of the Arab-Israeli war, especially between 1956 and 1967. The city was evacuated until the the October 1973 war, when Egypt regained most of it's occupied land from Israel. It was now safe for the citizens of Port Said to go back home and rebuild their city after the peace accord was signed between Egypt and Israel in 1979. Ever since, it has developed into a major trade and business city.

The economy of the city depends mainly on fishing and industries like chemicals, processed food and cigarettes. Its port is vital for the Egyptian economy from here Egyptian products including cotton and rice are exported. Moreover, Port Said is also a fuelling station for ships that pass through the Suez Canal.



Port Said has many places to visit. Its pretty beaches attract both Egyptians and tourists who come to enjoy the sea and the views, especially the ships passing by.

Museums worth visiting are:

- The National Museum of Port Said, which contains a collection of artifacts dating from prehistory and the Pharaonic period, Coptic and Islamic period, and covers the history of the building of the Suez Canal.

- The Military Museum has some interesting relics from the 1956, 1967 and 1973 wars with Israel.

Interesting ways to enjoy Port Said are either to take a cruise on the canal or to take a tour around the city on a "Hantour" (a horse-drawn carriage).

Port Fouad, located across the canal from Port Said is a suburb of civil servants, also worth visiting.

Shopping is another option in this tax free city.
There are many places to stay during your visit to the city. Hotels are found around the canal area and their prices vary; moreover, some villas can also be rented. There are also many restaurants in Port Said.



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