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Cairo is Egypt's capital, standing where East meets West and combining the mystery of the one with the sophistication of the other. It is a city of contrasts; a place where donkey carts jockey with Mercedes along the crowded streets, and where a thousand minarets adorn the skyline alongside a sea of skyscrapers.

Cairo is the largest city in the African continent and the heart of the Arab world with a population of 16,000,000. With its "thousand minarets", picturesque oriental bazaars, plush Nile-side hotels, apartment blocks, and gracious residential areas, Cairo, is also a rare blend of a long past throbbing with life, and a vibrant, modern present.

The new part of Cairo has imposing buildings and wide roads, whereas the old part has crooked narrow streets, old houses with metal grills on the windows, mosques, souks and a seething mass of humanity. It is a fascinating combination of modern and ancient, which together give Cairo an atmosphere unique to this city.

There are a number of places to be visited in Cairo besides the Pyramids. The Egyptian museum with its collection of Byzantine & Pharaonic sculptures from various surrounding areas. Khan El Khalili Bazaar where one can find inexpensive tailor-made clothing, traditional leatherwork and brassware. Visit the Citadel, Cairo Tower, the Coptic and Islamic Museums, the Sound and light show at the Pyramids and a lot more. You can also go sailing on the traditional Nile sailing boats, called fellucas.


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