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International Festivals and Tournaments
  • International Book Fair - Cairo (Jan)
  • International Fishing Festival - Hurghada (Feb)
  • Abu Simbel Sun Festival - Abu Simel (Feb/Oct)
  • Tennis Tournament (Mar)
  • Pharaohs's Vehicle Rally - The Pyramids (Oct)
  • Yacht-Racing and Water Skiing Festival - Alexandria, Hurghada (Oct)
  • Arab Horse Festival (Nov)
  • National Fishing Festival - Sharm El-Sheikh (Nov)
  • International Rowing Races - Luxor, Cairo, Aswan (Dec)
  • International Film Festival - Cairo (Dec)

For the dates of tournaments and festivals, contact the National Youth and Sports Council, Tel: 3461871, or the Ministry of Tourism Information Office, Tel: 3913454.



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