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Traveller's Tips
What Travellers are saying about Egypt
Carole Makus [CANADA]
Both my husband and I are seasoned travellers. I am 51 and my husband is 61. We have just returned from a 30-day cruise, with a 4-day stop in Egypt. We arranged a private tour with a company we found on the net, CHAMPION TOURS/RENAISSANCE TOURS. We did the tour and had a wonderful experience! ALL of our needs and wants were looked after, and we were treated with respect, courtesy and friendliness. I have been to Egypt twice before and so have a basis of comparison; this company treated us VERY WELL! It is owned and operated by a retired general, MOHAMED HABIB...a nice man! We felt TOTALLY and COMPLETELY safe for our entire 4 days. We plan on returnING to Egypt and are helping to organize a tour with Canadians and Americans. This company is EXCELLENT (we feel fortunate to have 'discovered' them)! If anyone wants information/advise, please contact me:

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote after my first visit to Egypt.
" ...Here the past lives in the present and is preserved for the future.... As I stood in the hot, bright sun, I watched riders on their horses galloping over the sand, while a caravan of camels followed along the horizon at a more leisurely pace. My imagination and sense of adventure soared! Egypt was everything I could have hoped for: beautiful, fascinating, charming and spectacular! A country of adventure and mystery! A land that is calling to me. O mighty Egypt, I shall return."

I have since returned twice more and am planning another trip (with Champion Tours).
Hello I am a recent member and I am very interested in traveling to Egypt but unfortunately, several of my friends are afraid to travel there. If you know of anyone who would love to travel to Egypt, please ask them to e-mail me so that we could make plans to visit Egypt. I'm looking forward to meeting future travel companions.

Contact Me on:

Carmen Soler [PUERTO RICO]
Read all you can about Egypt, admire and respect everything you see. Be friendly and respectful to everyone and you will get the same.
Stuart [WALES]
I have just returned from my second visit to Egypt. The best tip I could give anyone is to speak to the local people, don't wait for them to say hello, say hello yourself. Make eye contact, even when you feel a little bothered by the sometimes constant ...felluca, taxi, come into my shop.
Many British tourists get annoyed by the salespeople at many of the sites, don't be. This is how they make their living, if you don't want to buy just politely say no, they will get the message. This year I visited three local houses of some of the people I met in Aswan last year. Don't be afraid to go. You will have a great welcome, and you will get to see how the locals live.
Finally, if you havn't been to Aswan , you must go the people are the friendliest in Egypt. If you go to the bazzar visit Raffael's shop and say hello to George and Nubie.

Go to a village outside places where are the tourists and enjoy the real egyptian hospitality.
Joyce Miller [NEW ZEALAND]
I hope to return to Egypt yet again. It pays to find out exactly what site may be closed before you go to avoid dissapointment. Great people and fantastic sites to enjoy.
Pauline [MALTA]
I went to Egypt in 1988, and would love to go again. One thing I would like to share with you is that if you are keen on history, Egypt is the place for you! Once you experience Egypt you will want to go again and again.
Peter Vanderzwet [CANADA]
One thing that I Was kicking myself in the butt about, was that I forgot a flashlight (torch)! South east of the Great Pyramid, there are hundereds of Mastabas. I was crawling through most of them without a light, but it was well worth the experience.
Have respect for the land you're in and be open to experience. Talk to the people, they are just as wonderful as the monuments!
Darra Ross
Egypt is marvelous, especially the people! I had a wonderful time and am going again this year. A lovely tip is to have tea with the bazaar owner if you are lucky enough to be invited. You will have a friend for life. The owner will then cast his net out over the whole network of shops to bring anything you want to buy right to you. Another tip, be open to every experience and take time to stop and let Egypt just soak into your being. Those little moments will steal home with you and stay in your heart forever. I came away feeling as though I was tied to this country with a golden cord and every day I can feel the tug to return to my "adopted" home. I can only wish that your trip will be as joyous and fulfilling as mine was.
Tarek Lotfy
Shopping in Egypt, now has a different vision, think of the Egyptian cotton, the best quality you can find at a very reasonable price compared to any part in the world.
Sandy Kancianich [USA]
Egypt is wonderful: full of wonderful sights and sounds. But remember that this country is home for millions of people. Have respect for their culture, and for them as individuals. Consider not taking any pictures of the local people at all. If you do, ask first, and perhaps tip them for their trouble. Some enjoy being the center of attention. Many will not. Remember that you are a "guest" in their "home."
Cory Smids [GERMANY]
You will need to bargain on the prices in most shops, except those where there are price-tags indicating the prices.

Bert Vermeersch [HOLLAND]
The people are really nice and friendly. Egypt is the best place to visit.

Alan Richards [MANCHESTER]
Even when travelling during the winter, always bring your anti-mosquito creme if you want a good night's sleep.

Hans Helderweirldt [ANTWERP]
When in Luxor, visit the new "Museum of Mummification". It gives an overview of mummification-techniques and displays some beautifully preserved mummies as well. A must

Mary Peeters [USA]
The best place to buy gold and jewellery is Radwan, near the temple of Luxor. Nice and friendly service, good prices...

Herman De Smedt [BELGIUM]
Don't forget to bring medication for intestinal problems (diarrhea or constipation). Try to avoid uncooked food as much as possible and don't drink water that does not come from a bottle that was sealed when you bought it. The water contains some germs that we're not accustomed to and may upset our intestines. Also bring some disinfectant, a mild anti-biotic, ...

Mr. and Mrs. Delvaux [FRANCE]
We went for a horse-ride at the pyramids in Giza. It was fun. Ask your tour-operator to organize it for you and enjoy the ride!

J. Hermans [GERMANY]
I really enjoyed my visit to the restored temple of Kalabsha, in Aswan.

Corinna Rossi [MILAN]
Wear something to protect your hair from wind, sun and sand, and drink plenty of water during the day; if you are going to walk a lot wear strong shoes; if visiting pyramids, tombs, etc., a small torch may be useful in case of loss of power of the electrical system;

  Nathalie De Bruyn [LONDON]
Avoid food which has not been cooked and water of dubious provenance: this may reduce the
risk of intestinal infections, but, unfortunately, it is not a guarantee! Do bring some medicine just in case.   Always remember you are travelling in an Islamic country, which means that behaviours which are perfectly normal in a Western country may result offensive for the locals. In particular, avoid (women AND men) to wear clothes which leave a lot of skin uncovered (just look at how covered the locals, men and women, go around). This suggestion is meant especially for the less touristic areas.
Disclaimer: It's interesting to hear and share what other travellers have to say about Egypt. We have not checked the facts as we want to pass them on to you ASAP! Although the comments make interesting reading, be smart and treat tips with caution, until you find out for yourself.
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