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Shipwrecks in the Egyptian Red Sea

Agia Varvara Struck an inshore Reef near Nabq a few miles north of Sharm el Sheikh on 28 June 1976.
Aida Struck the rocks off Big Brothers Island on15 September 1957.
Carnatic Struck Sha'b Abu Nuhas Reef on 14 September 1869.
Chrisoula K Ran aground at the northeast corner of Shaab Abu Nuhas, just east of Umm Usk on 31 August 1981.
Dunraven Sank south of the light at Beacon Rock, south east of Shaab Mahmud on 24 April 1876.
Giannis D
The date was April 19th 1983, the location, the north west corner of Abu Nuhas Reef.
Kimon M
Struck wreck on 12 December 1978 on Sha 'ab Abu Nuhas Reef.
In the early hours of 22 February 1881, the Kingston struck Shag Rock.
Million Hope
On 20 June 1996 the Million Hope sank off the Southern Gulf of Aqaba on the east coast of the Sinai Peninsula.
Struck ground on 20 July 1901 on Big Brothers Island.
Rosalie Moller
Bombed on 8 October 1941, and sank to the west of Gobal Sheghir.
Salem Express
Stuck reef and sank off Hyndman Reefs, southeast of Safaga, on 16 December 1991.
Bombed and sank off the Northeast of Shag Rock, Sha'ab Ali, on 6 October 1941.
On 16 August 1887 the Ulysses struck Gobal Sheghir.
Ran aground on Laguna reef, on 22 August 1984.


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