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Cairo Photo Gallery

Cairo - the city that never sleeps. Cairo is a city of wonders ranging from the Pharaonic monumentalism of the Pyramids to the life giving Nile. In the space of a few hours it is possible to move from the medieval back streets of Islamic Cairo to the Pharaonic pyramids.



Dendera Photo Gallery

Dendera is a wonderfully preserved complex. It is an impressive and beautiful monument to an ancient goddess of great renown - Hathor the goddess of pleasure and love.



Djoser Complex Photo Gallery

Egypt's first pyramid is found in Pharaoh Djosser's mortuary complex at Saqqara. This was the first time that stone was used to such an extent and with such artistry and precision. This first pyramid became known as the Step Pyramid.



Giza Photo Gallery

The Giza Plateau incorporates the mortuary complexes of Cheops (Khufu), Chephren (Khafre) and Mycerinus (Menkaure). The Pyramid of Cheops being the oldest at Giza and the largest in Egypt, is also known as the Great Pyramid. The Pyramids and Sphinx are a most entertaining way to learn a little of Egypt's ancient history at the Light and Sound Show.



Giza Streets Photo Gallery

Giza, formerly a village on the west bank of the Nile, has now become a governorate in its own right. To Cairenes it is best known as the home of their largest university - Cairo University. Cairo zoo which has been in existence for more than 100 years is also found near Cairo University, and is a popular excursion site especially on Fridays and Saturdays.



Karnak Photo Gallery

Karnak is more than a temple, it is a spectacular complex of sanctuaries, pylons and obelisks, all dedicated to the Theban gods and to the great glory of Egypt's Middle and New Kingdom rulers.



Landscapes Photo Gallery

The Egyptian landscape offers a lot of contrasts. The fertile strip of land on both sides of the Nile result in a serene and majestic sight. The Nile - the lifeblood of Egypt since the beginning of history.



Wissa Wassef Photo Gallery

Ramses Wissa Wassef, an Egyptian architect, was persuaded of the fundamental importance of creativity as a force to shape the society in which we live. Prompted by this conviction he started an educational and artistic experiment in 1941 which continues today, twenty six years after his death. The weavings exhibited in the Wissa Wassef Art Center are an example of the results of this experiment.


Hisham Ibrahim

Hisham Ibrahim is a professional photographer with over 15 years experience. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt and lives in the USA. His photographs have been published in most of the major national and international publications and magazines around the world.

We have a selection of his photos taken in Aswan, Alexandria, Cairo, Giza and Luxor.


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