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Help! navigating is designed to be fully compatible with both major browsers i.e Internet Explorer, and Netscape versions 4.0 and higher. Although the site can be viewed with version 3.0 browsers, functionality and layout restrictions will apply due to the limited features in older browsers.

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Navigation Instructions

Finding your way through the site is very easy if you follow our instructions and view the general layout in the diagram hereunder.

As you can see, the site is divided into three sections;

the top 'Main Section Links' is used for quick access of the main sections in the site.

the Navigation Strip is the most important navigational tool, used to provide you with all the appropriate sub-category links for the current section. It contains two sets of navigational tools, one being the Location Links which provides you with a detailed map of your current location, and the other being the Drop-Down Menu used to select the desired sub-section. Once you select a sub-section from the drop-down list, click the 'GO' Button which will take you to that section.

the Main Window is where the actual content of the site is displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do my pages look so crammed?
This is because you are currently using a display setting which limits the amount of content in a page. To correct this problem you need to set your screen resolution to at least 800 x 600 pixels. This is how it's done:

Windows: open the control panel and double-click the 'Display' icon. Then select the 'Settings' Tab and you should find a horizontal slider which presently is set to 640 by 480 pixels, move this slider one step to the right so that it shows 800 by 600 pixels. Press OK.

Warning: Old Monitors tend not to support this feature correctly, if your display becomes garbled in any way, simply press 'Esc' (the escape key) and windows will revert to its original setting.

Why is the Virtual Tour not showing?
This can be caused by older browsers which do not fully support the JAVA technology which is used to display the virtual tour. Alternatively, your current browser might not have the JAVA support installed. For further information on how to install the JAVA support in your Browser consult the Help Section of your current Browser.

Why are the 3D illustrations not showing?
The 3D illustrations require the 'Flash' plug-in to be installed in your browser. This is a special player for multimedia enhaced websites distributed free of charge from Macromedia. To get this Flash viewer plug-in click here