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Discovery of Five Tombs of the Early Pharaohs

A joint mission of Egyptian and Australian archeologists discovered at Helwan area five archeological tombs that date back to the first and second Pharaonic dynasties (5200 BC).
Each of these tombs is characterized by its huge size and lower part which is carved in rocks. It consists of burial rooms surrounded by other rooms used for preserving the funerary furniture and other bare necessities which according to the old belief, the dead person would need to return to life in the other world.

As for the upper part, it is built of cob bricks in the shape of a rectangular mastaba. The tomb took the form of lanterns as if it were a fa?ade of kings palace of that age. The mission also discovered various kinds and shapes of pottery vessles used in preserving food. On the cover, the name of the tomb?s owner was engraved.
In addition, they discovered a set of stony vessels made from alabaster and crystal rock



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