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Pharaonic Woman, the World's Best Cosmetician

A recent research by French scholars, in addition to earlier discoveries by French scientist on cosmetic art or rather industry and analogies to pictures showing make-up techniques used by contemporary French pretty women, such as eye liners, eyelash liners, lip sticks etc. have revealed that women of ancient Egypt were the most adept, most meticulous and most tender connoisseurs of cosmetic art.

The French Cosmetic group has recently engaged a team of researchers to study cosmetic tools on display at the Louvre Museum, which were found to be 49 in number. Specimen of the residual materials were taken from these tools, x-rayed and analyzed. It was found out that ancient Egyptians were the only people of the ancient world to leave behind cosmetic implements fully intact. It turned out that, unlike the Greeks who buried their dead in moist areas, resulting in the total rotting of bodies, the ancient Egyptians did so in dry areas. The French researchers were astonished to find out the red, white, black, blue and green colours had botanical or animal origins. Colour blending ratios used by ancient Egyptians were found to almost identical with their modern counterparts and mineral and stone mixing ratios were very precise. This testifies to ancient Egyptians' excellence in chemistry.

Researchers noted that, as the specimen substances were analyzed, there emitted an odorous gas, which was found to be the phosgene gas. When mixing with other substances buried with the dead, this gas would be fatal. The researchers came to the conclusion that these substances and colours were not natural but rather synthetic materials prepared in Pharaonic laboratories. They also found aromatic fats and soap with honey additive.



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