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Satellite Photos - View from Above

Through high-altitude photographs and images you may view the world as you have never done before. In computer-generated images, details surface as spatial resolution increases. From bottom to top, they simulate the 30-, 15-, 10-, and 1-meter resolution possible by satellites.

Three interactive satellite images. Simulation of the inside of the satellite gives you the opportunity to zoom in and out, move through and explore these three Satellite Images of Egypt.



1. Cairo

Crossing the spectrum from short wavelengths to long: A visible-light image shows Cairo the city of contrasts in natural colours. A dazzling metropolis that hums with activity all year round.

2. Night Shot of the Nile

"Night view of the Nile - simulated mosaic based on real images, from LivingEarth Co."

3. Pyramids

The Pyramids are the sole survivors of the ancient Greek listed Seven wonders of the World, and the planet's oldest tourist attraction. View the Radar etches of the pyramids' relief (black and white).

View small image without interaction.


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