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Dr. Zahi A. Hawass
General Director of the Giza Pyramid, Saqqara and Baharia Oasis




Dr. Zahi A. Hawass


(Part 1)

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Name: Zahi A. Hawass
Born: Damietta Egypt - May 28th 1947

PH.D - Egyptology University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, USA


M.A - Egyptology & Syro-Palestinian Archaeology University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, USA


Diploma - Egyptology Cairo University, Cairo Egypt


B.A - Greek & Roman Archaeology Alexandria University, Alexandria Egypt

1980 Fulbright Scholarship
1986 University of Pennsylvania Fellowhip
Professional Experience
1987 - Present General Director of the Giza Pyramids & Saqqara and Bahria Oasis
1980 Chief Inspector, Giza Pyramids, Cairo
1974 - 1979 First Inspector of Antiquities, Giza Pyramids, Embaba and Bahria Oasis
1974 - 1975 Inspector of Antiquities for Boston Museum of Fine Arts at Giza Pyramids
1974 Inspector of Antiquities, Pennsylvania Expedition at Malkata Luxor
1973 - 1974 Inspector of Antiquities, Abu Simbel
1973 - 1974 Inspector of Antiquities, Embaba, Giza, Cairo
1970 Inspector of Antiquities, the Western Delta at Alexandria
1969 Inspector of Antiquities, the Pennsylvania Yale Expedition at Abydos
1969 Inspector of Antiquities, Edfu-Esna, Ernant
1969 Inspector of Antiquities, Italian Expedition at Sikh-Abada, Minia
1968 Inspector of Antiquities of Middle Egypt at Tuna El-Gebel and Mallaw
Field Work
1992 Director of excavation of the Pyramid Complex of Teti at Sakkara
1991 - Present Co-director of the excavation southeast of the Sphinx (Workmen's village)
1991 - Present Director of Nazlet-et Batran Excavation
1991 - Present Director of the Excavation of Beni Youssef
1991 - Present Director of Excavation of the Old Kingdom Settlement at Giza (Nazlet-ElSamman)
1990 - Present Director of Excavation of the tombs of the overseers of the Pyramids builders, southeast of the Sphinx
1990 - 1991 Director of Excavation of the causeway and the valley Temple of Khufu
1988 - Present Director of Excavations of the western field of Khufu's Pyramid
1988 - Present Co-Director of the Excavation southeast of the Sphinx (Workmen's Village)
1987 - 1988 Director of Excavation of the site of Kafr-El-Gebel east of the Sphinx
1980 Director of Excavations in front of the Sphinx Temple and northeast corner of the Sphinx of Giza (Old Kingdom)
1979 - 1980 Director of Excavations at Abou Rawwash (Archaic Cemetery)
1978 Director of Excavation at northeast corner of Sphinx and Nazlet el-Samman, Giza (Old Kingdom)
1976 - 1977 Archaeological survey at South Yemen on behalf of the Egyptian Antiquities Organiation and UNESCO of the Arab League
1976 Director of Preliminary Excavations, Merindeh Beni Salama (prehistoric)
1975 Director of Excavations at Korn Abou Bellou Delta (Pharaonic, Greek, Roman Site)
1976 Director of Excavations at Khus Abou Zied Embaha province, (Late period)
1970 - 1974 Associate Diretor of Excavations at Korn Abou Bellou (Pharaonic, Greek, Roman)
1969 Associate Director of Excavations at Ashmuneim Middle Egypt (Greek, Roman)
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