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Welcome to the Games Section!!!

In this section we will be including as many Games as possible!!! Our first games for you are Concenrate and Pick up the Pieces. We hope that you enjoy this section and will visit us often to check out new games. We invite you to send us any suggestions or comments - Contact Us.


Once in the game click on the different boxes to discover what is underneath. Then try to match the pictures in the boxes by clicking on the first image and then on the second one (the matched ones will remain uncovered). To win you have to match all the images under the boxes.

Pick Up the Pieces

Click on the boxes next to the blank box and try to put the picture together!!

Hidden Treasure

Find the Hidden Treasure somewhere in the pyramids, click on the different boxes to see under which one the hidden treasure can be found.


Use Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape 5 or higher.
For some of the above games you need Flash Plugin, download here!

More Games Coming Soon!!!