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Golfing In Egypt

Egypt is qualified to be one of the most important golf centres in the world since it enjoys an ideal climate and is distinguished on all countries of the Mediterranean by its clear weather all over the year and especially in winter.

The presence of various tourist sites in Egypt is another important factor that contributes to the flourishing of this sport in the future; hence, Egypt can be one of the destinations of the world's golf amateurs and professionals as Egypt comprises Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Coptic and Islamic monuments. This, in addition to other new tourist attraction elements found in the Northern Coast on the Mediterranean. The coasts of Sinai and the Red Sea represent cultural, religious, recreational, sportive and curative tourism.


During the visit of Nick Valdo, the star of golf stars, to Egypt together with his wife to spend their vacation, he said that they agreed to visit Egypt so as to enjoy the ancient wonders of the world, Egypt being the cradle of civilization. He sat in contemplation in front of the pyramids in the Mena House Oberoi golf club and commented "The pyramids date back 5000 years, they are a great architectural edifice, where tons of big stones were transferred to erect them here", he then contemplated the extended greenery with great admiration.

Valdo, continued his journey to Luxor to see its fascinating monuments. When he returned to Cairo, he said "I travelled a lot and saw a number of beautiful golf lands, stayed in some hotels in Cairo but I have not forgotten golf. When I saw Egypt for the first time, I observed that Egypt has great potential for golf, and this will really help the tourism industry in Egypt". He added "In fact, I was not looking only for the Elephantine Temple near Aswan or Luxor monuments or the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. In spite of the grandeur of all the previously-mentioned sites, I was looking for lands suitable for playing golf as well.

"What drew my attention was seeing 20 boys swinging the golf stick on a Friday morning at Al-Gezira club. Although they were young, the zeal for the sport was so apparent on their faces while hitting the ball from the sand height to the golf land.

It is obvious that most of the parents of these boys are golf players; thus they are aware of the privileges that their sons gain from this sport.




It leads to more concentration and use of mental capabilities. Experts say, "you do not use your body but your mind". Golf teaches the youth patience, discipline, and modesty.

Gary Constable, head of golf experts in al-Qattamiya Heights, comments: "It is a new sport for the young; it teaches them how to play with high spirits. For example, a tennis player may scream or throw his racket; whereas a golf player does not show any sign of anger or nervousness.

Today, there are more opportunities for the young to play golf in Egypt. Alexandria Academy proved its efficiency in this field.


Golf has been the sport of diplomats. One of its advantages is that it offers a neutral land suitable for discussing matters among members of the diplomatic corps. Cairo is considered the centre of diplomacy in the Middle East and Africa. It is the station of diplomatic representatives from more than one hundred countries. Most of those representatives play golf.


Ronald Frame, has over 33 years experience in renewing and constructing golf playgrounds world wide. He said that during his journey to Saudi Arabia and the Far East, he stopped in Cairo and talked to a magazine entitled, "Golf in Egypt" about his experience and how Egypt can benefit from it. Here are some extracts of the interview:

When asked about what can be done to attract golf tourists and the main things they need on their vacation, he said that according to his experience golf tourists are concerned with what can ensure the practice of this sport in the first place; namely, good weather.

They also look for the presence of a variety of playgrounds as they prefer to play in various playgrounds during the week.

To the question about what can be done in golf playgrounds to make them attractive, he answered that there should be cooperation among the administering bodies to attract golf tourists to Egypt.

Egypt can compete and gain a share of golf tourism world wide. Its gains will multiply. Whenever golf tourists come to Egypt they will want to return.

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